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Sorry I Drowned

The world has catastrophically failed millions of people fleeing war, persecution, and despair. Calculating politics won out over moral and legal obligations to offer protection and assistance to those in need. Like a contagious disease, walls, fences, and restrictive border measures rampantly spread causing countless thousands of people to die on land or at sea.

This 7-minute animated film is inspired by a letter allegedly found on the body of someone who drowned in the Mediterranean Sea due to the prevailing cynical politics of our day.

While we may not know the truth behind who wrote the letter, we do know that what it depicts is real. This reality cannot continue.


MSF launches petition for Afghanistan attack investigation – Please sign and share !

Need your help ! MSF launches petition for Afghanistan attack investigation – Please sign and share !


Dear members, dear MSFer,
Please, add your voice and ask you networks, colleagues, friends and families to 
sign the MSF petition !

This is to urge the USA and Obama to consent to the ‪#‎independetinvestigation‬ into the bombing of our trauma 
center in ‪#‎kunduz‬, now that the International Humanitarian Fact Finding Commission has been activated! 
Because even war has rules and international humanitarian laws need to be respected !

Read the press release related to this petition. 

We need as much signatures as possible, together we can make a difference ! Thank you ! 

More info on the Kunduz events

Associative Brussels 
Médecins Sans Frontières 
Office: +32 2 474 74 09 

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