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Virtual Field Visit: Impact of the Annexation Wall


From MOndoweiss

Virtual field visit: Impact of the Annexation Wall
This tour shows how the building of the Annexation Wall on Palestinian land; the severe restrictions on movement resulting in loss of livelihoods; and the expansion of the settlements, are tactics being employed by the Israeli Occupying Power to fragment Palestinian existence in the West Bank. –  Read Al-Haq’s legal analysis of the Impact of the Annexation Wall.

Flashmob ‘Israeli Apartheid Wall’

Ma’asara : Four years and going strong

22 octobre 2010

Four years and going strong

The popular struggle in Ma’asara stops the fence of annexation

October 2006 saw the beginning of regular demonstrations against the fence in the South Bethlehem region: women and kids from the villages most harmed by the fence stood in front of bulldozers and stopped the construction, and Palestinians and Israelis joined hands in a popular non-violent struggle to defend the land and stop the settlements.

Now, after four years of constant popular resistance in the face of on going military oppression, violence and arrests, we unite in a larger demonstration than usual, and tell the occupation forces that our message still stands:

The Egyptian “brothers”

Tear down THIS wall!

By Mary Rizzo • Nov 9th, 2009 at 16:11 •
A group of Palestinians from the popular committees and Fatah movement tore down a part of the Apartheid Wall separating occupied East Jerusaelm from the rest of the West Bank.

On Monday 9 November a hundred Palestinians waving Palestinain flags and wearing florecent jackets saying “WE ARE GOING TO JERUSALEM” took down a piece of the concrete wall near the Kalandia airport.

The following leaflet was distributed by a group of Palestinians who tore down the Wall near Jerusalem:

On 9 November 1989 the world witnessed the moment of the demolition of the Berlin Wall.

Similarly, at this moment, twenty years later, a group of Palestinians have demolished part of the Apartheid Wall around Jerusalem.

Jerusalem, that bleeds every day… Jerusalem whose children are homeless under the rain. These young boys and girls who were promised by the martyr president Yaser Arafat that they would raise the Palestinian flag on the churches and mosques of Jerusalem. Mosques and churches who’s sanctity is defiled while we passively wait for salvation unaware that the responsibility lies with each and every one of us.

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