[youtube http://youtu.be/TwYCGcvqgn0?]

A must see , due to Mr Kilo’s frank, no holds barred statements in it. Note his repeated insistence on rejecting the qualification ‘speaking as a Christian?’: “I am not a Christian, the very last thing that i care about is being a Christian, I am a Syrian national (nationalistic Syrian?) I speak as a democratic nationalistic Syrian one of whose descriptions is that he was born to a Christian family,…and who cares about the interests of his people, every single individual of his people regardless of which grouping the individual belongs to…”

He has strong words about and for the MB, along with advice.

“Today there is no danger to Christians from Muslims, Muslims are their brothers, and like them, are part of the Syrian people, demanding their freedom… and I believe that Christians must join in this demand for freedom because it is not reasonable, tomorrow when the regime is gone, when we have everywhere thousands of youths who were martyred for the sake of freedom, it is unreasonable that those who did not join in and contribute to this struggle and fight for this freedom to enjoy these full freedoms without having given any sacrifices (for these freedoms). From a moral and patriotic point of view it is an unacceptable position. He who witnesses the battle for freedom without taking part in it, who will go on to gain his freedom like all others, is committing an immoral act towards his country and towards his other fellow countrymen. He must join them (now) to deserve this freedom and for this freedom must be of the making of his own hands not the result of the sacrifices of others whose positions he never tried to understand.”

Mr Kilo’s comment applies to all Syrians who are standing on the sidleines, whether Christian, Sunni, Alawi, Druz or Kurd, or whatever…(cousins, are you listening???)