@ SC 59. KDD

Mr. Aldendeshe –

I don’t receive my information from Moscow like you. I receive it from Damascus. I have family in Kafr Sousa, Midan, Jobar, and Harasta. The family on Kafr Sousa are now with me here in the US. If you wish to speak with them, you are welcome. They left after their building was rocketed by a Helicopter and large bullets from the gunships penetrated into their living room and bedrooms. They were sleeping in the corridor. Many people died there from shelling.

My family in Harasta has escaped to Beirut in the last month. There testimony is not good for your side, I am sorry. It spans almost a year of actions. Many people have gone missing.

My family in Midan was the one to bear the full brunt of the regime onslaught. They stuck it out and almost lost their lives when the building they were in came under tank fire. Also mortar fire. They have now relocated.

By far the most information I have been able to get were from those fortunate to be able to leave the country. People inside wont speak as freely as those right next to me here in US. Those in Lebanon now after having escaped also are Also provinding me with information. These are my family members, not some Soviet intelligence reports.