This cat was injured when a mortar shrapnel hit its back and as a result the cat became paralyzed
More than 100 animal rights organizations and other humanitarian organizations from all around the world contacted us regarding this cat. In fact, some of them even requested that we send them these cats so they can provide the cats with care and protection. What is shocking is this sudden international effort for the sake of a cat or several cats that were killed as a result of the shelling by Assad thugs, while at the same time not one country was moved to protect the Syrian people who are getting killed on daily basis. They pursued the injured cat’s case, but did not move a finger regarding the 24,000 Syrian martyrs. The life of this The life of this cat is not irrelevant to us, quite the contrary…but it is not more valuable than Syrian blood.

حمص / باب التركمان . 11/8/2012
Homs.Syria / Bab AlTourikman . 11/8/2012

هذه القطة مصابة بشظية هاون في ظهرها فأصيبت بالشلل
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