Remember Qaddafi, when he yelled addressing Libyans? He asked them, “who are you, eh eh” (meen antum eh eh). The one in Syria is a rabbit when it comes to addressing the Nation, a slaughterer when it comes to dealing with dissenters, a coward when faced with protests. Where is the half man of Syria? Still giving a silly interview here and a sillier interview there. Syrian men are considered traitors when talking to foreign media, what does the half man consider himself when he talks with foreign media. Reporters Without Borders is shocked to learn of the death sentence passed today on the citizen journalist Mohammed Abdelmawla al-Hariri for “high treason and contacts with foreign parties”. He was arrested on 16 April just after giving an interview to the television station Al-Jazeera about the situation in his hometown of Deraa. “The government of Bashar al-Assad has thus shown the extent of its brutality and cruelty. Reporters Without Borders calls for this contemptible verdict to be overturned and for this citizen journalist to be released immediately.” Mr. Hariri was subjected to horrific torture after his arrest, to the point of being partially paralysed. After the verdict was pronounced, he was transferred to Saidnaya military prison north of Damascus.

From a comment on walls