N.Z. at Walls

We Syrian are at a crossroad. Syrians have proved after 14 months that they do not think in sectarian terms. But make no mistake, the bad and the ugly are working slowly but surely. Reuters today: “Syrian troops … overran a rebellious Sunni Muslim village west of the city of Hama” Just read how Reuters chose to word its news. The west is eager to turn the legitimate struggle against dictatorship into a sectarian struggle. For some it was clear. The gulf countries are part and parcel in this dirty game, as evil as Assad and his regime. Syrians who are hymning either the first or the latter are spreading the fire. The likes of Narwine Sharmini are plenty, to stir the Syrian agenda in certain direction, sectarian one. There are many like her. They are not in the resistance camp, nor pro Palestinians, they are the stirrer of hell on earth. Those thousands of noble men did not want to die, they were murdered for wanting dignity and social justice for all Syrians. Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain….are autocratic ruling government, they know they are next in line..perhaps that is why it is in the interest of all greedy nations to elongate our struggle for freedom. http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/05/13/us-syria-killings-idUSBRE84C04E20120513