By Lawrence Davidson

“…the Zionist movement has … convinced most Israeli and Zionist Jews of the correctness of Nakba denial. That is, that the Nakba never really happened and that the history of the founding of Israel was nothing other than the heroic struggle of a people to survive.”

9 August 2010

Lawrence Davidson argues that the phenomenon of Holocaust questioning in Iran and elsewhere in the Muslim countries is directly linked to Israel’s cynical exploitation of the Holocaust to justify its policies and bludgeon its critics.

On 5 August 2010 Israel’s Ha’aretz newspaper, citing a story by the Iranian news agency Fars, reported that a non-governmental organization in Iran had “launched a website with cartoons about the Holocaust aimed at undermining the historic dimensions of the mass murder of Jews”. Israelis and Zionists reacted angrily to this announcement.

Spokesmen at Yad Vashem, Israel’s national Holocaust museum, stated that the website was “yet the latest salvo emanating from Iran that denies the facts of the Holocaust and attempts to influence those who are ignorant of history”. The Ha’aretz report also noted, somewhat resentfully, that “since the 1979 Islamic revolution, Iran has not acknowledged Israel as a sovereign state and even refrained from using the name Israel, instead referring to the Jewish state as the Zionist regime”.

This is obviously a hot issue and so I will begin my examination of this report by stating that the Holocaust is a proven factual event and the number of six million Jewish victims killed is roughly accurate. Histories based on detailed research on this subject include the early classic study by Raul Hilberg, The Destruction of the European Jews, first published in 1961 and followed later by his Sources of Holocaust Research (2001). Other recent works include David Engel’s The Holocaust: the Third Reich and the Jews (1999) and S. Hochstadt, Sources of the Holocaust – Documents in History (2004). There are many other works as well.

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