A Song for Gaza by Thomas Easaw – Ma-Tvideo France3 by Thomas Easaw

You just wont feel like listening to the radio these days
Cause twenty centuries after He lived and left that place
Its strange that people havent learnt that men are all the same
And discrimination is existing today

In West Asia everywhere, in West Asia today
Men are being butchered in its name
Many have died in bombings and most have died in vain
But West Asia has remained just the same.

Many times Ive wondered, well what are we looking for?
When a brother calls for help, is it right to help him or
Should we fear the Mighty Powers to execute the truth
World peace, as what they say is just an excuse.

So I call out to my friends, all around the world,
Let’s at least raise our voices against this
Its not wise to fight those powers for they could wreck this place I know
But it is cowardice not even talking about it.
If its song let’s sing for justice’s sake, for we can’t fight for it
But West Asia should never remain the same.