Protest Veolia!!
Veolia Water UK manager hosted by Edinburgh University Business School

Tuesday 6th April from 5.30pm onwards – 7 Bristo Square, Edinburgh, EH8 9AL

Veolia, is complicit in Israel’s breach of International law and ongoing war crimes in Palestine.

Veolia, a French multinational with various subsidiaries (such as Connex, Onyx or Cleanway), is involved in providing services for the State of Israel. These services cement Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestine and aid the establishment of an apartheid state.

Israel’s Occupation of Palestine is illegal under international law. As is the building of “settlements” and the annexation of East Jerusalem, including the ongoing evictions of Palestinians from their homes.

Veolia’s collaboration with Israel is immoral. It profits from Israel’s crimes in the following ways –

1. Veolia is a major partner in the Jerusalem Light Rail (JLR), which is set to link Israeli West Jerusalem to illegal Israeli settlements in Occupied East Jerusalem (Palestine).

2. Veolia runs two bus services (109 and 110), which connect Israeli West Jerusalem to illegal Israeli settlements in Occupied East Jerusalem, using roads on which Palestinians are forbidden to travel.

3. Through its subsidiary TMM, Veolia owns and operates the Tovlan landfill site in the Jordan Valley area of the West Bank. This site is set up to service the illegal settlements, dumping waste on Palestinian land, and by extension, the illegal occupation.

Veolia is currently being dragged through the French courts for its illegal actions and has already lost contracts to the value of billions of euros in Europe alone due to boycott actions.

Come to protest Veolia’s disregard for international and human rights law and their proffiting from Israel’s crimes.

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